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成龙 总裁专机|蒂斯美"I know you have the heart to go to war." Giffin looked at pound's appearance, wry smile way: "just this war, d general took away most of the military forces in hetao, must have a strong will stay guarding hetao, here, is the master's back road, there is no room for any slip, also hope to make can understand."Face big change, lookout hand quickly turned over from the lookout tower jump off, while taking off the horn on the back, drum up the cheeks blowing, this is the collection of tribal people's horn, after the nomadic soldiers heard this horn, have rushed back to the tribe."General rest assured, next must be ready!" Gu smiled and agreed.

Yinshan, xianbei king's court, kui head with hundreds of defeated soldiers, embarrassed to return to the king's court, to now, kui head still don't know why he will be defeated, the sky is gloomy, with an unspeakable repression.Ho Cadres Left Behind, Above the high and low rolling hills, A knight sprang out like a ghost, felt hats, moustaches, with a knife at his waist, with a long bow slung over his shoulder, The rain of arrows in the archery sac came out from behind, Straight thorn sky, indifferent eyes faint looking at the head hanging outside the YuanMen He cadre fall, eyes flashed a touch of anger, then by the height of the hill, sharp eyes instantaneously not instantaneously looked at the Xianbei people inside he cadre fall, for a long time, cold hum, take off the bow on his back, draw an arrow from the archery bag.Gate, zhang he saw the lu bu army elite to go, a sink in the eye, copy up the carved bow, bow and arrow, aimed at the male broad sea is an arrow shot, the man a magic, martial arts even above himself, must be lyu3 bu4 side general, if you can leave him, also can break lyu3 bu4 arm.成龙 总裁专机|"Dang ~"

成龙 总裁专机|Chapter forty-one guandu"Uncle Akun, are you mistaken?" Look at the darkened sky, step degree root frown to attract the tribe's patriarch, sink a voice asked.The appearance of a person can make some adjustments through makeup, but some things can not be adjusted, such as … temperament!

In fact, there is no very good way, lombardi potential big, this is a fact that everyone admits, cao cao now with weak strike strong, but also worry about the rear hay problem, most afraid of is lombardi with him, that for cao cao, is absolutely a disaster."Don't look at your general, there is a secret way in the satrap's mansion, if they do, will leave there immediately, no one will care about your life or death, right? General Wang Yong?" Speaking of the end, lyu3 bu4 has come to wang yong, a hand on his head, like touching a pet."These are..." Step root eyes suddenly a clot, those suddenly in trouble, is clearly the herdsmen of the tribe, why these people want to attack us.成龙 总裁专机|




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