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家里蹲的朱教授短拆短借"The champion hou said a lot of words, it seems to be against the law, but under careful thinking, it is thought-provoking, a big family, without the supervision of others, naturally lost self-recognition, correction can, over time, not only did not go forward, but backward. Zheng xuan laughed and said, "the old man will never know what is wrong until he dies.""Since we entered chang 'an, we seem to have acquired a lot of information. Lu xun said bitterly."Two!" The small school ignored zang ba's clamor and just gave an indifferent count.

"Well!" < / p > < p > zong yuan promised a sound, began to take the horse with a shield retreat, has been filled with blood atmosphere of the wall, immediately empty a lot."Yes, father and your mother knew each other here." Lyu3 bu4 nodded, for lyu3 bu4, that is not a paragraph of happy memory, at that time of lyu3 bu4, return really be play of all round turn, however at that time predecessor is happy among them, just in now lyu3 bu4 see, how many appear some childish."Not every city is like chang 'an. When you grow up, go out more." Lu bu touched lu zheng's head and said with a smile, "to read ten thousand books is to travel ten thousand miles."< / p > < p > one night without words, the next morning, zhang lu called hanzhong wenwu conference in the hall, the horses have been assembled, only to wait for zhang lu to give an order, can send yangpingguan, but before zhang lu ordered, a south zheng garrison quickly rushed in.家里蹲的朱教授"Does your husband let it go?" Sable cicada some funny look at father and son two way.

家里蹲的朱教授Lu bu did not pay attention to the reaction of guan dong princes and families."We have crossed the river to the east, and we are closing in on the enemy's rear along the Yellow River." "Martin bowed."Please get up, general, my Lord thirst for wisdom, the general's talent, early heard, from now on you and I are colleagues, do not need to be so. Zhaoyun reached out his hand, lifted him up from the forbidden, and spoke kindly and consoled.

< / p > < p > four or five chong cheng car was pushed over, a team of cao jun began to charge zhang liao's direction with a shield.Say that finish, also ignore liu xie's facial expression of shame anger, take everybody to walk straight away."Well!" The deputy general agreed, and soon, rows of archers gathered behind zhang liao. Seeing that the soldiers and horses on the front of the other side were already in range, he waved his hand and said, "archers release arrows, and below crossbowmen stand by!"家里蹲的朱教授




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